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Positions we have open!

At present time we have some contract positions:

  1. Web Designer
  2. Web Graphics Designer

All positions are opened on contract/order basis and paid by every order/contract to the hired specialist.
By submitting your application/resume you're not guaranteed to have a contract right away but you'll be contacted by Web Design Co. as your service will be required. We do maintain a database of Specialists and work is offered according to skills and abilities to accomplish a given task.
We DO NOT offer permanent job positions!

If you feel that you can help us and your skills fall into any of the categories above we'd be glad to review your application/resume. Please fill up the form below and all necessary instructions will be forwarded to you.
We DO NOT accept any information VIA snail mail, telephone or fax!

Application Form:

Your Name: (required)
Your E-Mail: (required)
Your Field of Specialty:
Hold "Ctrl" key and select all that apply
Your Comments:
NOTE to Web Designers:

    We do not accept HTML source made by MS FrontPage or any other WYSIWYG HTML Editors. You can work the way you like but then you'll have to clean all tags according to our specs.
    We require that all TAGs should be in UPPER case, filenames in lower case. Code should be readable on width of the page without scrolling sideways on 1024X768 resolution.
No Exeptions will be made.

NOTE to All Designers:

We will be glad to work with:

    Creative specialists with open mind who can work 28 hours a day and 8 days a week! Who want to be paid for their job and paid good!

    If you want to send a "Standard Resume" - it will be ignored and erased at once with no desire to read it.... Please no "Objective: ..." garbage!

    What we want to receive is your letter that you wrote for us and not for all agencies and 400 other companies. We work with live people and real companies and expect live letter from you.

We will ignore:
  • Letters that are not in plain text format (i.e. MS Word or any other format)
  • Letters sent by Employment Agencies
  • Letters requiring immediate answers because sender need to make a quick buck
  • Letters asking question: "What do you think about my skills?" - please go to "Prove it" and they'll answer that question for you

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